Cape Town is port city in South Africa, located on the coastline near the tip of the Africa continent.  It is also the second most populated city in South Africa, after Johannesburg (the capital). Capetown is famous for its harbor, seaview resorts, as well as its landmark such as Table Mountain, Penguin colonies, and Cape Point. To me, Cape Town is an incredible city filled with amazing people, activities, and beautiful sceneries. 

Weather + When to visit
In my opinion, there is no best time to visit Cape Town, overall temperature in Cape Town does not get too overly hot or cold, and there are plenty of activities for each season for visitors to enjoy. Summer, between December to February, the peak season for tourism. Weather during these months are warm but not too overly hot. It is the perfect temperature for visitors to explore the city and relax by the beach. Autumn, between March to May, temperature in Cape Town is slightly cooler, ranging between low 12C to high 25C. This is the best season for those who are into wine tasting, because it is the start of the annual wine harvest. Winter, between June to August, temperature can drop down to 10C, also the peak season for rainfall and it can get quite windy. Spring, between September to November, also in my opinion, the best time to visit Cape Town. Flowers and plants all around Cape Town are slowly blooming, and temperature is becoming warm enough for beach and outdoor activities. More importantly, it is also the best time for whale watching in Cape Town.

There are plenty of things to do all around Cape Town, and I would suggest a minimum stay of 5 days for sightseeings. There are many different types of transports in Cape Town, but I would highly recommend using Uber when sightseeing within the city; it is very convenient and safe.

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, city center, filled with shops and restaurants. 

Table Mountain, the most iconic landmark in South Africa. In order to get to the top of the Table Mountain, the sky has to be clear because cable car that takes visitors up to the top of the mountain only operates during good weather. It is quite common to get cloudy in Cape Town, so I would suggest to visit Table Mountain whenever you see clear sky in the morning. One cool feature of this cable car is that it circulates in 360 degrees when moving up to the peak, allowing visitors to get an amazing view from all angles. At first, I thought Table Mountain is similar to most mountain view points that I have been to, but as soon as I got to the top, I was speechless. The 360 flat surface on top of the mountain allows you to walk around comfortably and enjoy the incredible view from all angles. In addition to the fresh air, landscape, beautiful coastline and city view, the cloud layers definitely adds to the experience. It is quite common that there are days when it is only cloudy above the Table Mountain and no where else in the city, the locals call the cloud layers table cloth.

Boulders Beach, a sheltered beach filled with giant rocks formation, from which the name Boulders is originated, also commonly known as Boulder's Bay. It is a famous tourist attraction mainly because of a colony of African penguins that has settled there since 1982. Boulders Beach is one of the few sites in this world where visitors can get up close to these wildlife penguins. 

Cape of Good Hope, was known to be the most southern tip of Africa, however this was a misconception that has made this location a famous touring location. In fact, the southernmost point is Cape Agulhas, about 90 miles away from Cape of Good Hope, where the currents of two oceans meet.